• Founded in 2013 and located in historic Davis, WV. Big Belly Deli was started with the idea that food should be not only quick, but fun, filling, and inexpensive. We searched the globe (or at least our little corner of it) to bring you the best ingredients that we could find for our made-to-order sandwiches and deli salads, soups and baked goods to meats and cheeses by the pound.  We wanted to make sure that you never went hungry.

    Oh, who are we kidding? We just wanted to be able to get a Pastrami sandwich in this town.

    We offer only the finest ingredients available locally, seasonally, regionally & from around the world.



    While Ron has been in food service for over 30 years and graduated culinary school 25 of those ago, he doesn’t like to be referred to as “Chef”. He feels that term should be reserved for the true masters of this craft. He credits his mother, those he’s had the pleasure of working with, and the joy of many different meals over those years for his ability and creativity. His relationship with his mother began and developed in their kitchen. The rest encouraged him to develop beyond a hobby into a career with challenges of “can you do that?”, or “how would you do this?”
    Now, as the owner of Heirloom Foods LLC encompassing Muttley’s Downtown, Big Belly Deli, and Rosario’s Gourmet Seasonings, he gets the opportunity to share his family and himself with you and yours.